BBCone [Paul]


So, tomorrow, BBC One relaunches, with a new logo and loads of new idents, for the first time in four-and-a-half years. (It must be time for a change: that's two weeks longer than the balloons lasted, apparently.)

I read with interest that the new idents are all based around the theme of circles, mostly revolving circles, and they still feature red as a sometimes incidental but always strong colour.

Which made me wonder if this might be among them...

Edit: I've just found this montage of all of the actual new 'BBCone' idents! Goodness knows how some mere YouTube user got hold of them, but if you don't want to spoil the surprise and excitement of seeing them all revealed in front of your favourite BBC programmes (what, you rarely watch BBC One? oh, yes, same here...), don't click that link!

Sponsored Tube [Paul]


At last, it's finished - all 326 stations are done!

It's also now being hosted on a server that can handle the literally tens of hits I imagine it will get now it's being released into the wild, so feel free to share this new URL with anyone you think will like it:

I thought I was going to get away without having to redraw any of it for a while there, but unfortunately Helen's suggestion of 'Ambrosia Rice Pudding Mill Lane' was clearly not going to be beaten so I had to make some minor adjustments to accommodate this in what was previously a rather tiny gap:

The Pudding MIll Lane area of the original Tube map, and of my rearranged one

Hope you like it, and apologies for going on about it for days if you don't ;)


Attention TV addicts [Paul]

If you happen to see a programme on any channel at any point featuring a dark-haired woman in a green cardigan pushing a fridge on a removal-type trolley thing along the path through the centre of College Green/Abingdon Green/St. Stephen's Green (the area of grass opposite the Houses of Parliament where large numbers of political interviews take place), probably with Parliament in the background, please can you reply to this to let us know what on earth she was doing that for?

(Yesterday, while sitting on a coach waiting to leave London, opposite this grassy area, we watched retake after retake of this shot being filmed, and became increasingly curious as to what it was going to be used for.)

If you can't beat 'em... [Paul]

[If I were an online test, I would be The Internet-Addict Test]

I'm The Internet-Addict Test!

I love in-jokes, especially if they help highlight the marvellously geeky cultural differences between my internet clique and the rest of the world.

Click here to find out which test you are!

Courier emoticons [Paul]

Thought I'd better post a non-friends-only post in case anyone we don't know came here wanting to comment on the emoticons displaying in our name (see here).

I basically made them, although Edith helped come up with a few of them, such as the ace 'creative' one :) They're all made of characters from Courier New bold 10pt, typed and then rotated 90° clockwise.

Anyway, yeah, if anyone wants to tell me what they think of them, be it bad or good, go ahead right here :)

Access to non-LiveJournal users [Paul]

If you don't have a LiveJournal account and want to read our journal, there is now an easy way available to you. Interested? E-mail us (see our profile for the address) for details.

OK, now the public posts cease :)

Security change

Although this journal has the feature enabled whereby it doesn't show up on web searches, some of our friends' journals don't, and so their friends pages are searchable. As a result, Paul's mum discovered this journal tonight upon doing a web search for "paul speller".

We have changed the security level on all our posts (except this one) to "friends only", since this would seem the only way to keep the journal out of the search engines. If you want adding to our friends list, just e-mail us at the address shown in our user details.

Sorry to do this, hope you can understand why. This will probably be the only public post on here ever again.


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